Sunday, February 18, 2018

Melodifestivalen 2018 - Deltävling 3

New week, new songs, same meh feeling


1. A bitter lullaby - Martin Almgren
I like him, he is not only a great singer, he is also adorable and I think he is so much better than this DMGP-ish song. Im sure he will be one of the acts from this year that will come back in future editions.

2. Stark - Barbi Escobar
This is a nice song but the performance was just flat.

3. Cuba libre - Moncho
Colorful performance! I liked it and I cant get the chorus out of my head! Im glad he made it through AC!

4. Party voice - Jessica Andersson
Finally! We got our first lady finalist! Love Jessica and the song but I wish the performance was better, there were some good moments in it but overall I think it was a bit mediocre. I want her to have more fun and be the schlager diva she is on stage!

5. Min dröm - Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän
This was one of my fav songs from this semi!

6. Cry - Dotter
I think this is one of the best songs from Mello 18 and it's such a shame that people didnt vote for it, I understand why they didnt, but still she didnt deserve that 6th place.

7. Everyday - Mendez
Hmmm...catchy song but his vocal performance killed it for me.

7. Barbi Escobar
6. Dotter
5. Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän


Martin Almgren
Jessica Andersson

Photos: Olle Sporrong/Expressen 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Belarus 2018: Alekseev

Here is the winner of Eurofest 2018: Alekseev
Hmmm...I dont know how I feel about this act, I like him as an artist but I dont get why he is representing Belarus (Actually I do, he didnt have a chance to win in Ukraine, that's why he submitted his entry to Eurofest). I like the visual part of the performance but Im just not interested in this song (I wish he sang the russian version) and his vocals last night were not good. There are a lot of things to improve but Im sure he and his team will work hard to get a good result in may.

Greece 2018: Yianna Terzi

This is "Oneiro mou", the song that will represent Greece this year:
I will start by saying that I really like their approach to the contest this year, even if the whole NF thing was a mess. This is 10000 times better than what they sent last year and that is a big step for Greece, however there is still something missing in the song and Im not sure what it is, but maybe I'll like it more when I get to see it on stage.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Italy 2018: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro

And the winners of the 68th edition of Sanremo are Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, here is their song "Non mi avete fatto niente":
I wasnt cheering for any act in particular this year in Sanremo, but I did like a couple of songs including the one that won, however I dont know how I feel about all the "drama" around it. I think the song is good and I hope they find a way to keep its essence in 3 minutes.

Shout out to the other acts I liked:


Lo Stato Sociale

Max Gazzè