Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Georgia 2018: Iriao

Time to listen to song 43! This is the Georgian entry, "For you"
It is nice to see something like this in ESC! I like it but I dont think it will be one of my favorites.

Bulgaria 2018: Equinox

This is "Bones", the Bulgarian entry for ESC 18:
Hmmm I dont know how I feel about this, I like the idea of the song but I feel there's nothing genuine about it, however I think this will do very well cause Im sure they will sound amazing live.

Lithuania 2018: Ieva Zasimauskaitė

Photo: sciuka
This is the song that will represent Lithuania in May: "When we're old"
This is a cute song and she performs it so well, I like it.

Russia 2018: Julia Samoylova

Here is the Russian entry for 2018: I wont break
This is much better than her song from last year, but still not something to get excited for.